Support for the Home Adaptation Program

The Home Adaptation Program (PAD) of the Société d'habitation du Québec aims to facilitate access and autonomy for disabled people in their residence. It offers financial support to owners of housing occupied by disabled people for carrying out adaptation work, thus encouraging them to remain at home. The PAD support service helps you make your home more accessible to people with reduced mobility and qualify for eligible subsidies.

*This service is not included in our eco-energy assessments.

MLI Select

We offer personalized support to maximize the benefits of Mortgage loan insurance (MLI) Select focused on affordability, accessibility and climate compatibility for collective buildings. By evaluating energy efficiency and affordability criteria, they help determine the optimal commitment level to benefit from reduced premiums, extended amortization periods and financial incentives. Through in-depth analysis of points awarded based on affordability, energy efficiency and accessibility, advisors guide clients in maximizing program benefits, thereby promoting positive social and environmental outcomes.</ p>

*This service is not included inour eco-energy assessments.

Energy Efficiency Assessment (Ontario)

Call our team of experts now to benefit from grants* and obtain personalized advice to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. your home. This service intended for our Ontario customers allows you to obtain personalized advice to improve the comfort of your home while reducing its energy consumption in the long term. The grants offered in Ontario are:

*The energy efficiency assessment for Ontario is not subject to the same subsidy programs as in Quebec.

Energy Efficiency Consulting


Our tailor-made Energy Efficiency Consultations aims to help homeowners plan energy-efficient home improvements strategies for their homes. Recommendations for improvement are made based on the owner's needs and concerns, energy savings potential, and planned renovation projects. The recommendations cover a variety of areas, including air sealing, insulation, windows, mechanical systems, hot water, ventilation, air conditioning, and even the addition of renewable energy sources. These recommendations are presented in the form of a roadmap, accompanied by detailed information and justifications for each improvement proposal. The goal is to help homeowners save energy, reduce costs, improve home comfort and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

*This service is not included in our eco-energy assessments.

Infiltrometry test

The blower door test during construction aims to help builders and renovators improve airtightness the air in homes by refining their air barrier installation and sealing techniques. An energy efficiency advisor performs an airtightness test to detect air leaks, whether during the construction of a new home or in an existing home. To do this, it uses a Blower Door style fan to depressurize the building in question and detect the quantity and location of air leaks. The service aims to achieve specific airtightness objectives or improve the overall airtightness of the home, by identifying and remediating air leaks to improve the energy efficiency of the building.

*This service is offered during the construction or renovation of your building. It is also included in our eco-energy assessments.

Support for businesses with Hydro-Québec’s OSE tool

Our support service for businesses seeking to submit an application with Hydro-Québec's OSE calculation tool, thus facilitating the process of evaluating and obtaining financial support for Quebec SMEs and large businesses. With our support service, our specialists will guide you through each stage of your energy efficiency project, helping you navigate through the different procedures and submit your request for financial support in just a few clicks. Whether you are a company, an organization, or an aggregator, our service will allow you to benefit from personalized support throughout the process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience. If the measures you are considering are not available in the OSE tool, we can also help you submit a tailor-made project proposal. With our support service, maximize your energy savings potential and simplify your steps to obtain the financial support necessary to carry out your energy efficiency projects.

*This service is not included in our eco-energy assessments.

Technical Drawing

Our technical building drawing service offers detailed and precise plans to facilitate the completion of your construction or renovation work. Our team of qualified experts uses an efficient approach and cutting-edge technology to transform your concepts into concrete documents, simplifying the design process and ensuring the quality of your plans.

*This service is not included in our eco-energy assessments.

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